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Ultimate Travel Journal Binder - Floral

Ultimate Travel Journal Binder - Floral

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The Ultimate Travel Journal Binder is the perfect accessory for those who travel a lot. This fully customisable travel organiser has everything you need. Personalised binder cover in many finishes and materials. Inner pages can be purchased as a bundle or separately as insert packs. You decide how many pages you need for each trip. Rearrange trips by year or continent or add/remove pages wherever needed. Lots of insert packs available for creativity. Binder can hold roughly 300 pages depending on how much stuff you stick in.

Starter Kit Bundle:
  • Personalised Binder (name in the bottom)
  • Been & Bucket Lists: country lists with tick boxes for all countries and territories
  • Favourite/Best Lists: Places, Foods, Experiences & Accommodations
  • Flight Log: Airlines, Flight Numbers and Miles Travelled
  • Colourable World and USA pull out maps
  • Customisable tab dividers: 10 blank vertical dividers. Customise them with years or locations. 
  • 1 Memorabilia Zip Pocket
  • 10 Trips: each trip includes: Trip Details page, Itinerary page, 4 ruled memories pages, 4 blank memories pages and a Budget pages. 120 pages all together - 12 pages per trip. 

The binder is 25x19cm and 4cm deep at the spine. There are 6 binder rings 19mm apart. Inner pages will fit other popular A5 size binders with 6 rings.

What is the difference between our standard Travel Journals and the Ultimate Travel Journal?
Inner pages are similar in content but in our standard journals the page numbers for each trip are fixed and the order is fixed too. That is, you will have 10 pages per trip and you can't reorganise the trip sections. In the Ultimate Binder you can add pages to each trip as you wish, you can re-arrange your trips by year or continent. You can add far more pages into the binder to fit all of your amazing travels. Sticking in photos and adding memorabilia will not destroy the integrity of the binder. If you make a mistake on a page, you can take it out and replace it with a new one.

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