The ONLY Travel Journal you'll ever need! The Ultimate Travel Journal Binder

The ONLY Travel Journal you'll ever need! The Ultimate Travel Journal Binder

If you travel a lot and like journalling, this product is for you! Have you ever wanted to see all your amazing journeys in one place? Have a an archive of all your travel from around the world?


Using a separate travel journal for each trip might be fun for lengthy stories but not so great when you want to carry them with you or store them in one place.
The idea behind the creation of the Ultimate Travel Journal Binder was to see every journey in place but not just your stories but also maps of your travels and lots of other important travel lists such as a been/wish lists, favourites, budget pages and even memorabilia pockets!

So what is the Ultimate Travel Journal Binder?
It is a mighty 6-ring binder that can be customised and personalised to every little detail. There are lots of cover materials and covers you can choose from and each is embellished with gold foiled titles and personalisation.

The binder starts with a colourable world map that allows you to see how much of the world you have already visited and it also includes a USA states map.

This is followed by a list of all the countries and territories from all around the world with two tick boxes for each, one for visiting and one for your bucket list.
The country lists are followed by a flight log that you can use to archive your flights, airlines and miles travelled.

Then, you'll find a few favourites lists to remember the best hotels, foods and landmarks you've seen.
The next section is all about your trips. Each trip includes a mixture of ruled/blank story pages, a budget page, an itinerary page and a trip details page with a map to show your route and some other important details.

The binder comes with customisable divider tabs that allow you to organise your trips by year or continent. For each trip you can add a zippable memorabilia pocket to protect travel treasures and keepsakes such as tickets, money or boarding passes.

If this doesn't already sounds amazing, here is the best part. Since this is a ring binder, you can add and remove as many pages as you wish, so for shorter trips, you can use only 2-3 pages but longer trips you can unlimited amount of pages. The ring binder solution is also much better for scrapbooking and sticking photo in since bulking up the pages won't damage the binding.
Get super creative by drawing maps, adding location specific stickers and photos from your journey.
This is truly the Ultimate Travel Journal that all travellers should have!


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